Loave​​​s & Fishers Culinary Camp    

Serving The Deaf, The Disabled & Disadvantaged Young Adults​
Help & hope for a better tomorrow 
Loaves & Fishers offers an immersive program in the culinary arts, designed to empower the deaf, the disabled and economically disadvantaged
young adults.  

We help them find jobs and internships with partner organizations to bring them financial independence and a bright future in their local community
Promoting inclusion & acceptance
We're creating a community where
all are welcome, accepted and valued.
Our programs emphasize sound moral values, healthy self-esteem and the importance of building strong interpersonal relationships.
Our scholarship campaign assists  young adults in need. Awards cover food, housing, culinary training,
travel expense and job placement assistance.
Your interest and support in our programs allows us to empower young adults who have been marginalized. . 
Your small change can make a big difference. Gifts of money, volunteerism, supplies and equipment are always needed.  Donations are fully deductible under IRS section 501c3.
Welcome to Maine...
Land of pristine lakes, rolling farmlands and a rugged rocky coastline and home to
Loaves & Fishers Culinary Camp. Profound natural beauty, peace and serenity provide 
the ideal backdrop for our unique community program.  With the best lobster and cold water fish in the states, dozens of creameries, farmers markets and artisan food producers, 
we're able to source the majority of our ingredients locally; teaching the
value of our rural enviornment, sustainability and stewardship.